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CBD For Pets? Learn About The Benefits!

As we know, owning a pet is like adding another family member! We try to create an optimal life by providing the best care possible. When we notice our pets are in pain, it can be hard to watch them suffer. CBD (cannabidiol) is a safe drug to administer to your pets, and can offer them a healthier lifestyle. There are an abundance of health benefits and treatment options for including CBD into your pets lifestyle!

Treatment Plans:

There are various ways for your pet to ingest CBD. For instance, it can be found in treats, capsules or most popularly, oil. Keeping your pet safe is the most important part of the treatment! Look out for pesticides, solvents, and most importantly THC (component that makes you high), as these are not meant to be ingested by pets. Even if it may be pricier, it is important to only buy CBD without any additives that could pose a threat to your pet’s health. Here are some ways to have your pets safely ingest CBD.

Drop Into Mouth:

When using oil, you can measure the amount and drop it in their mouth through a pipette. This controls the amount of CBD they're taking in. When placing it in their mouth try to aim under their tongue. However, if your pet is stubborn, you can aim towards the back of their throat. After the process, reward your pet with a treat afterwards! They can also ingest CBD through oil pills that appear similar to fish oil capsules.

Infuse Treats:

An easier way for your pet to enjoy ingesting CBD is to bake them a special treat! There are a wide variety of homemade recipes that include CBD. Any soft treat that will absorb the oil can become a recipe, for example, ice cream, biscuits and even muffins! This treatment plan will be more enjoyable for your pet and easier for you to measure.

Mix Into Food:

Another method to involve CBD in your pets diet is to mx it right into their food. When they gobble up their food, they won’t notice the oil is there. Feed your pet the normal amount they eat during a day, and simply add CBD oil or other CBD products right into their meal.

Health Benefits:

You may be wondering why CBD can be a crucial element to a pet’s lifestyle. Unlike popular belief, CBD does not lead to feeling high. It is perfectly safe for pets to consume and helps treat health issues. CBD can aid with many ailments and provides a greater lifestyle. CBD has about the same effects on humans as it does on pets. It can be useful for reducing pain, anxiety, seizures, nausea, and cancer effects. It also assists with decreasing inflammation in bones with conditions such as arthritis.

Where To Buy Some?

If you want to buy the safest CBD oil for your pet, Everly Heals offers a wide variety of flavored oil tinctures for your pet to ingest! We also have CBD pet treats or pet paw pad conditioners. Along with products for pets, we offer CBD options for people such as bath products and lip balms. For more information, contact us at: (530) 301-8253 or visit our website. Our team is here to help your pets' health with any CBD product you need!

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