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How To Effectively Incorporate CBD Into Your Diet

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

We’ve discussed in the past the benefits of CBD, including the reduction of inflammation, anxiety, PTSD, and other ailments. You may be hoping to incorporate CBD into your diet in order to experience these benefits for yourself, but CBD is not a magic cure-all if not taken appropriately. There are many ways you can incorporate CBD into your diet effectively. Check out some of our suggestions.

1. Clean Up Your Overall Diet

Everything you put into your body has an effect on your health and wellbeing. Only incorporating one healthier food item is NOT going to majorly change how you feel, and that includes CBD. If you want the full benefits of CBD, you’re going to have to eat well overall. For example, many foods, such as those containing too much sugar, contribute to inflammation in your body. If you continue to eat a lot of sugary foods, taking CBD will only go so far in helping your inflammation. Try to make healthy, clean choices (even if your diet isn’t 100% perfect!) so that you are providing the best environment for CBD to have a positive effect!2. Go Slowly

If you’ve never taken CBD before, we recommend incorporating small amounts into your diet. Every person has different sensitivities towards specific foods or substances, including CBD. Since you don’t yet know how you will respond to CBD, you may want to take it slow. You can discuss with your doctor how much CBD makes sense for your height, weight, and needs. Our experts at Everly Heals can help you make this decision, as well.

3. Add CBD to Everyday Foods

No need to eat something special or out of the ordinary to get your CBD fix. Add a few drops of CBD oil to your morning coffee or mix it into your salad dressing for lunch! You can also incorporate CBD by adding it to smoothies, baked goods, and even sauteed vegetables. You can actually buy CBD-infused jams to spread on your morning toast or pancakes. Additionally, CBD comes in powder form and can be sprinkled into your oatmeal or your bowl of cereal. Spice up your morning routine by adding CBD oil to scrambled eggs or in your breakfast sausage. There are so many ways to start your day with CBD! Just remember not to use too high of a temperature setting, as CBD oil doesn’t do well under high heat.

4. Use CBD-Infused Oils

There are a variety of CBD-infused olive and coconut oils that you can use in any recipe where you would normally add those oils. CBD is easily dissolved into fats, which makes it a great additive to oils and dressings. Keep the guideline about not using high heat in mind, and you’re good to go!

5. Have a Chocolatey CBD Snack

There are a wide variety of CBD chocolate products you can buy for whenever you need a CBD fix during the day. CBD chocolate is a great little snack you can pop in your mouth on the go or after a meal. Chocolate has its own benefits, too–especially dark chocolate.

We Can Help You Effectively Incorporate CBD Into Your Diet!

Incorporating CBD into your diet by adding it to your everyday meals is a great way to consume CBD. Its somewhat bitter natural taste is hidden in the foods you add it to, plus eating it is healthier than smoking CBD. It’s important to remember that not everyone reacts to CBD the same way, and that you should experiment with incorporating it into your diet. Try to limit yourself to the amount that works best for you. At Everly Heals, we can help guide you to the best CBD products to add to your everyday diet!

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