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Magnesium Lotion: How It Can Help

At Everly Heals, we pride ourselves on selling top-quality CBD products at fantastic prices. But, did you know that we also carry magnesium lotion? Magnesium lotion is a topical solution that your skin quickly absorbs after application. What’s so special about it? It offers a lot of similar benefits as CBD does, and with the choice of magnesium or CBD, you get to decide which element/compound to ingest. Want to learn some of the specific benefits? Here’s what magnesium lotion can possibly help alleviate:

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a condition that causes people to have an irresistible urge to move their legs. This usually affects older people and it primarily occurs in the evening or late at night, which can cause sleep loss. Magnesium lotion can be used to relax muscles. If you apply some to your legs, it can help you move your legs less at night. Relieving muscle tension is just one of many transdermal effects that magnesium lotion can provide!


On a similar note, magnesium lotion can help with cramps as well. Muscle contractions can vary in severity and pain, but no matter how bad it is, applying some lotion can possibly give you all the relief you need. You can also use the lotion whether your cramps are recurring or a one-time issue. Magnesium lotion has all sorts of transdermal effects that can improve your physical and emotional condition!


The toils of everyday life can be overwhelming for so many people, and many people have unique ways to cope with their stress. Why not try something new and use some magnesium lotion to keep your anxiety at bay? Magnesium intake has been scientifically proven to play a role in relieving stress, and that people with low magnesium levels are more prone to deal with stress in their daily lives. It’s never too late to get started on a new self-care plan!

Get Magnesium Lotion Today

Have we convinced you yet? These are just a few of the many positive transdermal effects that come with magnesium lotion. All you have to do is buy some lotion, apply it to your skin, and wait for the magic to happen! If you’re ready to buy your own lotion, or if you’re interested in some CBD products, be sure to browse Everly Heals’ online store and do not hesitate to ask us any questions!


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