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What Does CBD Body Butter Do?

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

CBD body butter takes a popular skincare treatment and infuses it with the powerful healing properties of hemp and cannabis. In this post, we'll explore the top benefits of CBD body butter.

CBD Body Butter Moisturizes Skin

Yes, pretty much any lotion can hydrate skin. So what sets CBD body butter apart? In general, body butter does a better job of hydrating skin. It’s often preferred among those who have very dry skin, especially during the cooler, drier months. It’s also preferred in arid regions with less humidity. Of course, it does take longer to absorb into the skin.

In our previous post, we mentioned that studies examining the effects of CBD oil on skin health are still in the early stages. However, preliminary results are looking promising. Beyond the studies, our customers consistently report an overall positive impact.

CBD Body Butter Offers the Healing Power of Hemp (and Other Nutrients)

According to the Centre of Excellence, hemp seeds are rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This compound helps fight common skin conditions like eczema, inflammation, and acne. It also helps prevent nerve and joint damage. It even helps ease arthritis pain and symptoms.

Additional ingredients include:

  • Cocoa butter: An antioxidant, cocoa butter protects the health and appearance of skin. Regular use improves elasticity and fights signs of aging. It’s also anti-inflammatory.

  • Shea butter: This ingredient also acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor agent. Additionally, Shea butter helps prevent stretch marks and muscle fatigue. Like cocoa butter, it also helps prevent signs of aging.

  • Grapeseed oil: it might be strange to think of a common cooking ingredient also being used as a skin treatment, but grapeseed oil is a versatile substance that can also help clear pores and heal skin more quickly. It’s also rich in vitamin E, a nutrient known for its ability to improve the appearance of skin. Like the others, it also aids hydration.

  • Stearic acid (vegetable-based): we’ve discussed plenty of ingredients that help hydrate the skin, but how about something that helps lock in that moisture? Stearic acid is known for its ability to prevent moisture loss.

The Advantage of NON-GMO CBD Body Butter

GMOs are blamed for a variety of health problems. While the actual validity of some claims has been called into question, it’s clear that others are legitimate. Regardless, non-GMO ingredients ensure that only natural, unadulterated ingredients are included.

All of our CBD body butters use non-GMO ingredients. They are designed to heal and restore skin as nature intended. As an added bonus, non-GMO treatments are more sustainably sourced.

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